Hi and Assalamualaikum evelibadi :)

So...with a lot of months neglecting my post about NZ, here I am. Starting from day 2.

18 May 2016

Today is a new day. Pretty much excited about this whole trip. (Not that I'm not excited on the first day..) Anyways, we woke up at 4am because our bus is at 5am and we have to catch the plane at 6:45am to go to Christchurch. It was pretty horrible to woke up that early but thank goodness for the hot shower :)

After riding the bus, we arrived at the airport and of course took pictures because who doesn't want to keep their memories right? My sister actually rented a car, a Nissan Sylphy, to be exact, for 10 days. So we waited for the Apex Car Rental to pick us up from the airport. We waited outside for I can't remember how many minutes. Probably half an hour? And yeah, it was freezing outside. Soon, the wait is over. A woman picked us up and we headed to the car rental place. After my sister has finished signing all of the papers and paid the money, the worker there showed us the car and the minor damages that was already there. She rented a GPS too so it would be a lot easier for us so we wouldn't get lost. Duh. Then my sister started driving.

We already planned on what to eat. Kebab for dinner. We also went to Pak n Save to buy groceries to cook. Now, the cooking was done by her. Not me. Heh. And of course being the good photographer I am, I took pictures along the way to the hotel because the scenery was incredibly breathtaking. You can't stop taking pictures, it's like you're addicted or something. Sometimes, we stopped to take pics of us laying down on the road. You wouldn't believe it if I told you that hardly any cars are there. We even laid down on the road! <--- third day actually baring atas jalan. Crazy exciting. Actually, my sister would stop the car anywhere and everywhere beautiful and we posed for the memories.

After the drive, we arrived at our hotel. Our hotel is actually a lodge. It has everything. When my sister was checking in, we met a very big and frozen-fur-cat. Her fur was like Garfield. She was so cute and very friendly. People that know me, know that I am afraid of cats. But she was different. I think it may be due to the fact that she was fat. Hahaha
She was friendly because when I hold out a hand to her (I didn't call her), she went and rub her head on me. The funny thing was, her fur was frozen! Hahaha she was so cute. I wish I have a picture of her. But I don't because our phone was on low battery even though I still had 60% left. Our iPhones was crazy because maybe they couldn't get used to the temperature there. (Maybe dah biasa rasa panas so terkejut dia bila dia duduk kat tempat sejuk lol) and our camera was dead.

So, after oohing and aahing over the cat, we took our luggage to the lodge and immediately went outside to take pictures. Lake Tekapo. The most beautiful, bluest lake I have ever seen. Oh and we also took pics in front of a church. An hour outside taking pics, I guess. Then we went to the lodge, clean ourselves up and went to sleep as we had to check out the next morning at 10am. Our bodies were tired.

Empty field 


Lake Tekapo. The view in front of our lodge

Lake Tekapo