Happy Birthday Aiman! ^๐^

Annyeong and Assalamualaikum. =D

Today is Nur Aiman Afaf's birthday!!! I got a song that I made by myself. =))

The song:
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to dear Aiman,
May Allah bless you! =) 

Let us be friends forever! BFF~ ^๐^
Sorry for all of my mistakes, Aiman.


Wedding =)

Hello there! Annyeong and Assalamualaikum =D

Tadi ada majlis perkahwinan Didi. The theme is blue and pink. Kinda like bubble gum, pretty! Pegi kat rumah pengantin perempuan secara convoy. Sampai-2 je, ada perempuan tabur nasi yang berwarna kuning. I don't know if it's a rice or not, but that's what I heard. Then, budak-2 main kompang. Lama jugak la... After that, we were told to be sitted at a 'VIP' place. :) I can't help but 'ooh-ing' and 'aahh-ing' because the theme makes me happy~ Bacaan doa, sesi ambil gambar and yada yada yada. When we were eating the emcee asked us questions. The winner will get a prize. My youngest sister, Umairah answer the first question and she got it right! She answered two times in a row. So she got two prizes. After all that stuff, we were told to take pictures with the bridemaid and bridegroom. :) Kiteorg pon ambik la gambar. ^๐^ Next is cake-cutting.(?) Yeah, I took a lot of pictures cuz for me that's the highlight of a wedding. When the emcee told the bridemaid-and-groom to feed each other, their faces was like really really shy. Especially Didi's. Haha They look so sweet together~! Pastu 'bonda' and 'ayahnda' peluk Didi. Habis ambik gambar, terus balik. Hehehe Oh yeah, the food was very tasty!! =))

P/s: time upload ada problem, tu yang gambar jadi camtu.


Girls & Hair

Annyeong and Assalamualaikum. =D
Ok Mom, I have finally made up my mind to cut my hair short, AGAIN.
But don't forget your promise that I can keep my hair long when I'm in form 4. :))
I just hope that I'm not going to be like picture number 3! =.=
Penat betol cari gambar yang sesuai dengan situasi izyan! XD

Ok, dah tak ada idea. Bye! =)


Day 6: Seoul Tower :)

Annyeonghaseyo and Assalamualaikum. =)
15 November:-

We went to Seoul Tower by a cable car. After buying the tickets for the cable car, beratur sekejap. I thought it's for my family but I guess I was wrong because I saw many people in there. We came in late so we couldn't stand beside the window. Sempat ambik gambar lagi! haha Lepas turun dari cable car kena naik tangga yang begitu banyak. No wonder Korean people are skinny! =.= The view was breathtaking! :) I saw that the place is full of 'Love Chains'. Sumpah banyak! This is the place that Super Junior went. Well, some of the members. So I was really proud when I looked at the Love Chains. As usual, took pics. When we were about to go down the stairs the guy on duty asked us to go inside the building. I think it's because the sound of the wind is loud, making it dangerous for all of us. I was getting scared so I busied myself with an iPad at Missha Shop. After a while we could go out. We waited for the cable car to arrived. This time, we get to stand by the window! =D Enjoying the view. Hihi After that we took a train to Dongdaemun, a shopping place. Didn't buy anything. Lepas tu pegi Itaewon to eat! After eating we visit Seoul Mosque. Lepas tu balik.   


Day 5: Nami Island :)

Annyeonghaseyo and Assalamualaikum. =)
14 November:-

Woke up really late!! Keluar hostel at 11a.m. Went to Nami Island, Winter Sonata filming location! =D  As usual, we take the train. Then, we took a taxi. Murah! 2,600 won jee... Lepas naik taxi, we had to ride a ferry. Ha, baru sampai kat Nami Island. When I got out from the ferry, the view was breathtaking! So beautiful! :D Jangan cakap la, ambik gambar memang banyak! Hihi Berjam-jam duduk situ. ;) Umi bought a fridge magnet. Cantik! Lepas tu kiteorg masuk dalam 'Gallery'. There's pictures from Winter Sonata drama. Just a little bit outside, a man that raked leaves,shaped it to a heart. Memang wajib ambik gambar kat situ la. Haha Then we rode the ferry once again. After that,we took a taxi. Before going to Seoul we stopped at Itaewon to eat rice. Unfortunately,the restaurant was closed. >๐< We ate kebab instead. Very delicious~ Back to Seoul. Enter a shop and bought leggings for my big sis. Next we enter a shoe shop for her too but didn't buy anything. Haha ^๐^

Day 4: Jeonju :)

Annyeonghaseyo and Assalamualaikum.
13 November:-

Woke up. Went to Jeonju by KTX. It's very expensive! Jeonju is very far from Seoul. We rode the KTX for 2hours. Usually I sleep,especially if it's more than an hour but I didn't. It's because I was too excited to see what Jeonju is like. =) From Yeongsan Station, we have to buy a ticket to go to Iksan. Then changed the train to Jeonju. Agak memeningkan la nak tukar-2 train nii... At Jeonju there is a Hanok Village. Took pictures. Time ambik gambar kat depan pokok, there's this beautiful woman approached my mom from behind. "Hello." ,she said. *scary! Suddenly she looked at me and said, "Omo!You're so cute!"  I just smiled cuz tak pernah kena puji compliment dari orang lain. Haha A friend of her is a guide tour. First beli souvenir. Kalau izyan tak kasi souvenir, that means I don't have enough money. She took us to a paper factory. We realised that it was getting late so we decided to take a taxi. We arrived late at the train station. Oh, there's this halmoni(grandma) that praised me "Oh,yeppuda(beautiful)". She said to my mom that we are beautiful. #perasan sekejap ok? Haha Balik hostel, eat bread, then go to sleep. u.u 


Going Back Today :'(



p/s: Day4, day5 and etc, I will post at Malaysia. Flight pukul 12malam.  


Day 3: Visit Palace at Seoul :)

안녕하세요 and Assalamualaikum. (tulisan Korea ni, izyan type at the keyboard,meaning no copy paste) hihi

Woke up really early, as in 5.30 a.m. *4,30 at Malaysia. Solat Subuh then tido balik. 6.30 a.m--> my parents came in our room. Ate breakfast, took a HOT shower and get ready to go to Palaces. Near Seoul, of course. Before that, we definitely took pics at the middle of Seoul. Dah habis melawat kat Palace, we went to Korean Museum. Before that, we took pictures infront of a tree. It's Autumn now so there are leaves around us. Umairah baling daun-2 tu time izyan ambik gambar, So pretty! :p Lepas tu baru pegi museum. Yada, yada, yada! We went to Itaewon to eat. YUM! Itaewon is a place or foreigners and Muslim people. There's a restaurant called Alsalam. We ate there. Lepas makan, balik hostel guna subway, duh! Arrived at Seoul. Bought bread and milks. Choco for me! :) Balik hostel, solat then sleep~ Zzzzzzzzzz

P/s:  너희들을 사랑한다! *translate this please. <3

Day 2: Arrived at Seoul :)

안녕하셔요 and Assalamualaikum.(yang tulisan Korea tu, izyan tulis kat keyboard dieorg). Pandai tak? hihi

I set my hp clock at 5.45 am but I guess I was too sleepy. My sis turned it off. I took a bath and get ready to go to Seoul. *soexcited We were at an information center and suddenly the person who sat behind the counter said, "Would you like to enter a contest?There will be a small prize." We each took a turn. When it was my turn, the person on the other line asked what's my name. I said "Izyan.I-Z-Y-A-N." "Nationality?" "Malaysian." She replied with thank you and we hung up. Ok, enough about that! 

We then bought tickets for Airport Express. Not many people were there. Like 10...or maybe 5? Anyway, took pictures. Amazed by how fast it was going!! It moved between the road. It means we are between the cars. After that, we finally arrived at SEOUL!! =) I saw many pics of Korean artists at the shops! hihi <3 OMG. There is WiFi on the street! Apa lagi, update status kat FB laa~ Then, we checked in at Backpackers Hostel. 

After arranging the bags, arguing with each other whether to take the top one or the bottom(bunk bed), we went to 63 Building to watch the 3D Movie that they've been talking about. My mom then realised that the movie is closed, so we enter 'Sea World' instead. Masuk-2 je ade ENORMOUS sea lion waiting for us. ;) Dah tengok-2 semua haiwan kat situ, balik laa. So tired! :( But it was worth it. Sampai kat hostel, pray, eat dinner and crashed to bed! I took the bottom one. =.= 

\50000-----> my fave money(duit yang nilainya paling tinggi) haha


Day 1: Arrived At Incheon :)

Annyeonghaseyo and Assalamualaikum. :D
November 10:-
I am finally on the plane! We took AirAsia X, kind of big. The flight will take about 6 hrs & 20 minutes. :)) 2 stewardess gave us a brief demo about safety on the plane. I sat beside Umairah,who sat beside Kakak. Kakak was sitting next to the window. Not fair! They gave Umairah kid food which she didn't finish and my big sis and I ate the KitKat and the Oreo. Yum! :b Time plane nak naik, rasa EXCITED gila!! Haha Ok, then we were about to land and out of nowhere, a 'Happy Birthday' song played! XD Then,kiteorg turun dari plane and tunggu orang Korea sampai,sebab nak fetch us to the hotel. Kyaa~ >< Did I mention at 7eleven, I saw a really really HANDSOME plus CUTE GUY??! Ohh~~^๐^ *gatalsekejap ok,back to the story. When we took our hotel keys, one is on floor 11 & the other is on floor 12. We were like, can't we have the same floor? And the Korean guy said 'I am sorry. Cannot.' Then my big sis said to Abah, 'Andwaeyo'. Meaning, cannot. The Korean guy laughed really loud! XD After that we said,'Kamsahamnida' and he replied with 'Kamsahamnida and Annyeong'. ^^ Me and my big sis took the room on the 12 floor. The highest one. It was really big! 1bunkbed, 1queen and 1single. I took the single one and she took the queen. The tv was BIG! *proud to be an LG fan. We took pics of the room,the bathroom. After the 'tour', we ate Maggi!! Yummy yummy in my tummy! :) We update status at fb,like my sis's status. My sis took a shower, I didn't. *toolazy. After that, I was first in bed. Haha nice and cozy bed~ Ok, it's time for me to get ready for today. We are going to Seoul!! God,it's 9:40 a.m already! *time korea. Gotta go!

P/s: I miss u,my friend. :'(


Tomorrow's Destination: KOREA! =)

Annyeonghaseyo, Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Tomorrow, my family and I are going to South Korea!!! =) *smiling big
We're going to the airport in the morning. We are going there by Air Asia, (everybody can fly!) *hahaha
I will go there for 8 days!!! ;D
So, I am already packed. Well,sort of... Just a few more things and I'm done! :D Ok... I am really, really, really EXCITED! I mean, who wouldn't be, right? I have wanted to go to Korea since I was in 6th grade. *sungguh lama! :p I will post pics of me at Korea when I'm there.

Btw, I will buy souvenirs for my friends only! =) Kalau tak cukup duit, aku tak akan beli. Sorry la yaa... 

Annyeonghaseyo, Assalamualaikum and Bye! 



Annyeonghaseyo, Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Walaupon aina dah tulis pasal pengetua korea but izyan still nak tulis. =D
Well, Pengetua KOREA melawat sekolah kiteorg. I was very excited! Do you want to know something Aina? The Korean people who came isn't all the principal of korean school, there's nurses and etc,etc.. I found this out from Rasyidah. She said she got a SHinee poster from this Korean photographer. Tak silap izyan laa..
The KOREAN people were so friendly! They keep saying 'annyeonghaseyo,terima kasih and selamat pagi'. *believe it or not
There's this translator woman and she is so beautiful. I love it when she speaks korean really fast. Hihi
Kiteorg pergi cyber kiosk after they went to the first floor or something. Me and Amyra surfed Korean Language so that we can speak korean to them. "Annyeonghikasayo" is 'Goodbye (to the persin leaving)'. We said that when they are otw to board the bus. Haha One of them was shocked because we said that to them. That makes it even funnier!! ^๐^

Me and Amyra was so giggly yesterday. Had a good time,really. Time budak2 semua ada kat dewan, we heard someone running upstairs. We were like, "Omg! WHAT was that??! I heard Aminul's voice so we went to the other side of the stairs,only to find them sitting there. Kiteorg berdiri kat situ lama jugak laa... Lastly Amyra said "tak ape la. Kiteorg lalu kat kat tangga lain la." Syazwan and Najmi said, "jangan la. Lalu je la kat sini~" geli aku dengar! YUCKS!!! Sekarang ni aku dah tak kisah apa orang lain nak cakap pasal aku. Just wanna say, if you have anything that you aren't satisfied with me please,please,please say it in my face. Kalau ko kutuk belakang aku, that means you are PENGECUT! COWARD,YOU KNOW??!