Belum Habis.

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I'm letting it out here, in my blog. 

*WARNING: This post combines of English and Malay in every sentences. We learn Account in Malay so I don't know the term used for PP, KKK, Kad stok and others. Please bear with me.

I haven't finished my account yet. There's still Dokumen, Penyata Pendapatan, and Kunci Kira2 left. I'm frustrated at myself because I still can't finish this. This 15th December, my baby sister and I are going to our village in Kedah. So I have to finish this account before that. Talk about stress and frustration.

There are a lot of errors, for example:

  • Imbangan duga tak seimbang by RM20 000. (Yup, that's a lot.)
  • Had to change the price for jualan and belian, to make it seem more realistic. thanks to Fai for pointing that out. 
  • Had to redo all of it. 
  • Didnt know what to do for my kad stok.
  • The total price for jualan is less than the total price for belian. (if this is the case, we wont be able to get untung bersih in Penyata Pendapatan)
  • Still dont know the value for Stok Awal. (Rosma said it's 99 000 but Qilah, being the smartest kid she is don't know the value for Stok Awal.)  

Well, I don't want to procrastinate again. Might as well do my account now. Toodles~


Saying Sorry


31/10/2013- me and Fai berbaik semula :D

We've been friends for 3 years but a sudden situation made us fight. After months and months of fighting, I actually wanted to apologize for all the wrong things that I've done. ('Cause nobody's perfect) But I have my pride and ego, so I didn't apologize just yet. I thought to myself, 'do you really want yourself to be in hell because of this?' I put my pride and ego aside and apologize to her.

I write this post because I wanna show to other people that sometimes you have to put your pride and ego aside and just...apologize. It's not so bad after all. The feeling of forgiving and being forgiven is such a beautiful feeling. Try to forgive someone today and you'll feel a whole lot better. :D 


Happy Belated Birthday

Hi there jihah. 

I am really really sorry 'cause I forgot about your birthday. Dont hate me please, hihi. I was sick yesterday so I totally forgot about it. But here goes...

Happy birthday to you, 
Happy birthday to you, 
Happy birthday to my friend Jihah,
Happy birthday to..YOU! 

Be a successful person in life and the hereafter. May Allah bless you :) 

P/s birthday qai dh lepas ke? 



Assalamualaikum and hi

I wanted to post in my blog days ago. But I can't really post anything. Busy. 

I have a disease. I forgot the scientific name for it. I'm allergic to eggs, chicken, shrimp and belacan. The worst part is I'll have this 'disease' for the rest of my life. Yup, no cure for it.



Salam and hey there!

My friend Jihah did a little makeover in my blog. Yes the theme is pink. I dont hate pink but I dont love it either. Between the love and hate I guess. Anyway, she did it last night. I have to say the banner is pretty cute~

Lah posted a post in his blog yesterday. How can he make interesting stories? I suck at making story in Malay. :( When will he upload a new video?? 4 months in total silence.

Just wanted to say thanks to Jihah

I am totally aware that this post is boring.


Hang Out

So two days ago my friends and I went to Alamanda. My younger sis tag along.
I waited for the bus for an hour just to go to Qilah's house. Then I saw her and we're just talking while I gave her a keychain because I had a good holiday in Bukit Tinggi. Then we waited for the bus. Again.


My Parents' Anniversary

Today is Im Yoona's birthday. Happy birthday Yoona Unnie~ Keep on being an adorable and beautiful woman. Hee.
So on the 20th May 2013 my parents celebrated their 22nd Anniversary. Us, being the cute and whiny girls,tag along and went to Pizza Hut. But the worker said the service went down. And we were like....




Akhirnya, dah habis periksa utk mid term. Everybody say "YEAH!" Come on, let's shout at the top of our lungs. *crazy*

I have done the akaun paper 1 and I'm glad to say that I did well :) Because I have studied. Yes, I ignore the subjects that are tough to learn such as Physics and akaun. Tapi tadi keluar sebiji macam buku yang cikgu bagi. Haha

The 9(2) students have to make a card for each teacher that teach us. And 1 for the principal. Ughh, I hate making lots of card. So 'beban.' But the teacher said that we can always copy paste the words in the internet. Btw, we have to write in english because of IB thing. International Barchelorate.

Bila la budak Ros ni nak ambik balik kain pengawas dia...


11 Things About Me


Tagged by Najihah. She's ma friend yo!

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11 Things About Me:


Tips On How To Get Straight As


This is what he said himself:

SPM tips from a straight A's student last year:

1) What is sleep? No need~

2)solat+doa, good, do that~

3)Food! Very important!

4)Game! RPG is best to train one's logic mind! First person Shooting Game, S.T.U.P.I.D~

5)What is a phone? Never had those~

6)Notes are useless, (my writing is horrible so I can't read it)

7)Don't fall in love!!! If everything is ok, you'll do fine, but if not, (let say if you get friendzoned like pathetic me) to Hell with studies~ I recommend you to stay single and sad... Like me~ :')

8)if anybody read this far, now I will reveal you my secret... Take a book! Open it! Look at the page for a few second while blurring your eyes! Close it! Wait a few seconds! Open it back! Read as fast you can without saying the words out loud! Close the book! Congratulation! You just learned how to mentally photograph text (won't work immediately but in time and practice, you will be able to do it for real!) ask me for more details if you really want to do it.... I will teach you how personally~

9)Don't just read tips, do it you lazy ass!

Insya-Allah. Moga-moga buat ya. Amboi, cakap mcm aku akan buat. 


Choral Speaking


Hello! Up there is my friends and I at Parcel E. Jannah tak nak ambik gambar dengan kitaorang. We did our choral speaking there. Nope, we didn't get any money for the marvelous performance, but I did get to see a very handsome boy(SPM maybe). He was like so smart looking and I like guys whose body is a bit 'tough' looking. Yang macam teddy bear tu pon boleh je. ^^

Back to the choral speaking story.

When we performed, I thought that the people in the dewan would be laughing. I thought they were intelligent person. What? Can't they understand english? Or are they too "krik krik" to hear a joke. La, kan orang dalam tu semuanya dapat anugerah cemerlang.

After that, the person in charge closed the door. We were outside the dewan and then, the-person-in-charge closed the door with a thump. I was like.......
Eida said,"Takut kitaorang ni bising kot." Me shrugging: ok then.

That's closed. Then, we get to eat. I'm telling you, the caterer food is really really good. The meat and the chicken was so freakin' DELICIOUS. I could have seconds if I want, but as susual, aku tak habis makan. Hehe. And, considering the fact that I am a nice person(yes you read that right), I left the food for the 'intelligent kids and their parents in the dewan'.

We waited a little bit more. Laughing, talking and me sleeping. Yeah, I need my beauty sleep.
I was just chilling out and listened to the music when the teacher said that we can go back to school. *me jumping excitedly in my head*

Time nak tunggu bas, aku or Jihah saw the handsome boy. Kyaa! I was looking and making googly eyes at him. he noticed and we made eye contact. Woohoo! Now, i'm not saying I'm crazy about this guy. It's just that a guy like him is one in a million. I am not exaggerating, I am just telling the truth. Susah nak tengok lelaki muka handsome macam tu. Lama2, aku boleh jadi Nadh, gila lelaki. Hahaha. *shrugs* that's just me.

Get ready for another pic of us. I edited it. Still trying to edit pics cause i'm not the type of girl who likes to edit pics. If my face looks blotchy or pimple there and here, I don't go around editing and posting that pic in FB or twitter. Semua comment: lawanya!!!! comelnya!!!
Seriously, you are so not a beauty or a cutie. Nowhere near that. Gambar di bawah hanya diedit kat kepala and a frame. That is all.

yeah i'm a cute rabbit. left is Jihah, a bear. Right is Wahida or Eida, a cat.

P/sTuhan, tolong beri kesabaran kepada aku.



Sweet 16


 My cake, mom bought it. Tiramisu. Thanks mom!

As you all know (yg baru tahu pon), today, 25th April 2013, is a special day for me. It's my birthday! Hip hip hooray! ^^Y The first person that wished me is Abg Razak aka bakal ipar (ye la kot). At 12.21a.m., he wished me 'Happy 16th Birthday Najwa. Belajar elok2 and harumkan nama family.' I was like, hai dah tua aku rupanya. Hahaha. The second person is my mom. Love you too! I won't tell you the third/4th or 5th because it's getting kinda boring and unnecessary.

I was gloomy for half a day because of what my sis said this morning. But it is normal for siblings to 'hurt' each other's feelings, right? Then, Nadh wished or in my case, sing the birthday song in Korean. I was like, "Thanks Nadh!!!" See how happy I am after someone at school wishes me a happy birthday? Haha. When it was recess time, my close friends; Jihah, Eida and Jannah wished me. I ask them to eat in my class for a change. Hey, bukan selalu kan? :) We just talked normal stuff and Jhah said to this other Najihah, "Nanti kalau birthday aku, ko bagi la aku hadiah." Hahaha. They aka my close friends apologise to me for not giving presents. It's okay girls~  Thanks Jihah sebab bersusah payah tulis post pasal aku. Yeah, Sweet 16!


DeCare and PAPA


Tadi ada Decare. Seperti biasa, bila nak mula sesuatu pertandingan, ofcos la rasa nervous, scary and a whole lot of butterflies in my tummy. Tapi aku ketepikan sebab tak nak termuntah. Yes, when I'm too scared I can throw up. Heh, that's just me. Balik kepada cerita tadi, my geng and I wait for other people to be at the foyer. Tapi tak cukup orang, so cikgu suruh Wahida & Jannah to just pick someone that wears the yellow t-shirt, or whatever. Wahida and Jannah pon pergi la kat kelas diaorg.. Tup tup Harris lelaki "bertuah" tu. Cak! Memang pelik and kesian la tiba2 diaorg pilih mamat tu. Sebab dia pergi Decare pon bukan buat apa-apa pon. Kalau aku mesti dh fikir "Why am I here? Like seriously, I should be studying in class right now. Macam lengu je." Tapi maybe, with a capital m, dia tak fikir macam yang aku fikir kot. Kot la. Mana tau kan. Hehe

Then, we saw Nadi Putra bus. We get on the bus and suddenly, it stopped at "tempat perhentian bas". Aku dah cuak. Apahal tiba-tiba stop kat sini. Rupanya, kena buat quiz and treasure hunt. There are 25 questions altogether. I only get to answer 20 questions. Pening la jugak soalan dia. Huh! After the quiz, we had treasure hunt. Treasure hunt la sangat, padahal tiup belon then bagi cawan pyramid jatuh. That's the other people. Jannah and me have to write 25 names. I was like, shit! Can't remember anyone. Well, except for my geng and the Chinese-muslim girl and the Indian girl. What did I do? I told Jannah to ask their names. Each of them. Not "told", more like an order. Haha. I got 22 names and I left the 3 blank. Ingat otak Jannah tu robot ke? -.- LOL

Habis all that stuff, we have to walk. Read again: WALK. I'm being too gedik here. It's just a short-distance from the "tempat perhentian bas". Hello! It was hot~! I can't stand hot weather. (fact, not gedik)
Lepas dah naik tangga semua bagai, duduk kat kerusi yang disediakan. Sebelum tu, kitaorang beli air and buah dulu. Lepas dah makan, ada police officer panggil sekolah aku and sekolah rendah. Sekolah mana entah. He called my name Izuan Najwa. My name is IZYAN NAJWA. Dah la pakai spek, memang kena buat 1 spek lagi, pakai kat batang hidung ko tu. I was no.5. Jihah's 4. Motorsikal, woohoo! Aku start pertandingan tu, dah kena saman 3 kali berturut-turut. Macam @#$^&(. Hahaha. I felt so down and dissapointed. Lepas dpt saman, aku takleh nak fikir straight. Dapat saman lagi. Total saman=8. Ada budak tu nama Raziq/Razif, he got 16 saman. Bapak ar!

Habis je pertandingan, terus aku rasa macam nak menangis. Tapi aku tahan. Beli air lagi, dahaga. Then it's time to go back to school. I was like, damn! Baru pukul 12. Buku memang tak bawak ar. The teacher said we can go to the library, so off we go. After about 30 minutes in there, we have to go back to our class. Dengan ketidakrelanya, kita pon pergilah. Belajar lah jugak. Tapi aku ni nakal sikit. Time BM aku sempat lagi keluar telefon mak aku soh ambik. Masa nak masuk bilik media kat library, dah 2.30. Haha
But the important thing is I still have homework. Present to the class about chapter 17, titled PAPA. I seriously hate that book! How stupid of the husband to marry another woman when his wife is in coma. UGH! If my future husband is like that, my mom said that she'll punch that future husband. Hihi

Dah la. Cerita tamat di sini. Malas nak tengok karangan panjang sangat.




Di atas adalah gambar profile FB saya. Hehehe

Actually, I want to talk about "Beautiful or pretty girls". Not me. But matluthfi. His channel is matluthfi90. He's really funny and sometimes cute. I especially love two of his videos, title "soalan ramalan pasca SPM" and "drama-drama sebelum kahwin." I was LOLing every minute of it. Without further ado, let's watch his video: "bukan semua cantik subjektif"

[He mentioned Yoona dlm tu. And, khas untuk orang yang tak cantik macam saya.]

Tolong tengok sampai habis. ^^
P/S: Emma marah aku dok sebelah budak tu. Hew hew Finally, I get to smile at her :)




Sweetkan pakai macam ni? Lelaki tengok pon manis~ ;)

This is what my mom said to me last night: "Umi harap sangat kakngah pakai macam ni."
Bila aku dengar je ayat tu, aku rasa nak menangis. Of course I want to wear like a muslimah and be like one. I feel that I have too many sin and I'm scared that I will be in Hell much longer than in Paradise. I wanna change from this kind of me to another new muslimah me. :')  Maybe my mouth will still be like a laser but that cannot be helped. All I'm asking for is moral support. Hmm...

I wanna talk about what Muslims should wear. *I'm trying to be that perfect muslimah*

Ada 2 syarat utama bagi menutup aurat dengan baik.
a) Pakaian tersebut tidak menampakkan bentuk badan si pemakai.
b) Pakaian tersebut tidak menampakkan ciri-ciri tubuh si pemakai seperti warna kulitnya. This means that we can't wear shirts or dresses or jeans that look like our skin. Shit, I have one. -.-

Pemakaian Islam
a)    menjadikan fesyen pakaian hari ini yang ketat sebagai pakaian yang tidak menurut syarak. Ada wanita Muslimah memakai pakaian ketat dan kecil yang disebut baby size. Entah betul, entak tidak. Apa nama saiznya sekalipun, apabila pakaian tersebut ketat, ia belum lagi menutup aurat dengan baik.

b) menjadikan pakaian yang nipis sehingga menampakkan warna kulit, pakaian dalam dan sebagainya tidak selari dengan syarak. Ramai memakai baju kurung tetapi kainnya, masya’Allah amat nipis.

To girls or teenagers or pangkat makcik-makcik sekalian, kalau nak pakai seluar sukan silakan asalkan longgar. Like mine, hee~ Kalau nak pakai seluar jean, OK tapi jangan beli yang ketat sangat. baju pon sebenarnya main peranan yang besar. Kalau baju ko nampak buah dada, tolong labuhkan tudung. Geli kot tengok.

Sekian. Take all the good things from my blog and forget about all the stupid and mean things I wrote. I know I'm not perfect. Hell, nobody is. But I try to be the person my mom wants me to be. Insya-Allah.

P/S My blog is suitable for Mozilla Firefox.


These Days People Are Like...

I wanna talk about people these days. As you can see, the people around you might be loud-mouth, bitching about other people when actually, it's their own flaw their talking about, people that are two-faced, people that congratulates you but being like a 3 year old behind you. It's bad enough that all of these characteristics are in one person. It makes you wanna kill them, huh?

If you allow people to be the judge of your life, they will certainly start to judge you. If you go out of your way to show people your kind heart, there will always be a few who won't trust your motives, and a few who won't understand your purpose for helping others. If you work hard some will say you are selfish, and if you succeed they will say that you used some sort of method to cheat. [Manusia selalu tak puas hati] .

We will all experience some form of haters in our lives. There are always going to be people who don't believe in you, and who hope that you don't succeed in what you do. But for all of the negative people in the world, there are also those that are positive, and that continue to be positive. Pledge to be one of those people. Never let your experiences and your quality of life now, stop you from committing to continual growth.

Sometimes crying is one of the best ways to let out some of the pain that we feel on the inside. Each tear we shed is symbolic of letting a little bit of the pain we have on the inside go! Don't ever think of crying as a sign of weakness, because in all actuality it is a sign of strength, and it is a sign that we are letting go of the pain we once held inside of us. Letting go of who we are and the feelings we had is sometimes best initiated by us allowing ourselves to give out a good cry.

We should never be ashamed of our tears. Just as we should laugh, we should cry, they both are therapeutic, and help us to make sense of a world that at times gets overwhelming. Tears are great for getting over the past, and as long as crying isn't the only thing you do to let go, your life will be helped to be made whole by letting your tears go.

There's a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, but it's not giving up, it's realizing that you don't need certain people and their crap. 

That's all for today. Thanks for taking or wasting your time reading~! 

P/S  Orang Melayu memang akan cakap "bajet speaking" kalau kita boleh speaking ke? God, some people are so narrow minded. Classmate Kakak aku pon cakap dia bajet speaking. Apa, korang semua ni jealous ke? Please.  


My 'Silence'


I have no mood whatsoever right now. All because of people who forced me to do something that I clearly know when to do it. Last year, I have 'failed'. Not literally, no. Just not to the expectations of that people. I think to myself, 'Why me? Why do I have to go through this?' Then I realized that all of this happened because this is what Allah has given me one of His ujian. O' Allah, please give me more kesabaran

I wanted to write about something and something... But that would be like 'skeletons in your closet.' Look it up! I know this may be a bit tad and boring to you, but I don't want to over-expose what is meant to be a secret. [I can keep secrets, haha]

Aku pun tak suka di-pressure. Please, let me do what I need and want. I know how to manage my time. Think that I don't regret what happened to me last year? Think again, I do. I really do.  It's just I am not in the right mind to think. No, I'm not crazy and I haven't lost my mind, yet. Haha

Berubah dan diubah. Sounds the same but it's completely different.

Berubah is kita ubah dengan diri sendiri. Ke arah kebaikan or sebaliknya. You choose.
Diubah is orang lain paksa kita untuk ubah. This doesn't work out, people! Give everyone a chance to change on his or her own will. You can't force people to chang. CAN'T.

From no mood, to ujian Allah, secrets, pressure, and now change. Wow, so many topics in just one post. Yeah, that's just me. ^^

Live life. To do something is to let it out [my new catch phrase]. Everyone, no matter what the situation is think positive thoughts! :) You'll get used to people like this bullshit types. Harden your heart. Don't care what other people said, just do what makes you happy~!

That is what I tell myself everyday. It may seem weird but say it in front of the mirror, will ya?


My Own Future


What do I wanna be when I grow up? Hmm, a lot of career came to my mind. Let it be author, violin teacher, lecturer, or even chef(berangan la yang ni).

Some people won't let me be what I want. I was like, 'news flash, this is my future not yours!' Someone told me that if you be what your parents want you to be and you don't like that job, you'll regret it for the rest of your life!!!

Obviously, I don't want to feel regret. For example, not all chefs and authors are stupid. I personally think that chefs and authors are creative people. They think outside the box on what new menu to serve, and what new story to create.

It's like, you already set your mind on what career you want and then suddenly there's a black hole telling you to fall down and never think of that career anymore. This is just an expression.

Just letting out my thoughts. No hard feelings, ey? ㅋㅋㅋ well, that is it for today. Peace and Assalamualaikum~


Maulidur Rasul


Salam maulidur rasul wahai semua umat Islam. Berselawatlah kita kepada Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Masya-Allah, i want to see the Prophet but I know I can't. Except for when we're in the afterlife.

Spread the love of Islam and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Not much today, but just enough words to show that today is maulidur rasul and that iLove Islam & the Prophet.

Oh, aku nak ambil kesempatan ni utk meminta maaf kepada Qairanee. "Sedangkan nabi maafkan umatnya apatah lagi kita yang hanya manusia biasa." ❤