My Parents' Anniversary

Today is Im Yoona's birthday. Happy birthday Yoona Unnie~ Keep on being an adorable and beautiful woman. Hee.
So on the 20th May 2013 my parents celebrated their 22nd Anniversary. Us, being the cute and whiny girls,tag along and went to Pizza Hut. But the worker said the service went down. And we were like....




Akhirnya, dah habis periksa utk mid term. Everybody say "YEAH!" Come on, let's shout at the top of our lungs. *crazy*

I have done the akaun paper 1 and I'm glad to say that I did well :) Because I have studied. Yes, I ignore the subjects that are tough to learn such as Physics and akaun. Tapi tadi keluar sebiji macam buku yang cikgu bagi. Haha

The 9(2) students have to make a card for each teacher that teach us. And 1 for the principal. Ughh, I hate making lots of card. So 'beban.' But the teacher said that we can always copy paste the words in the internet. Btw, we have to write in english because of IB thing. International Barchelorate.

Bila la budak Ros ni nak ambik balik kain pengawas dia...


11 Things About Me


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11 Things About Me:


Tips On How To Get Straight As


This is what he said himself:

SPM tips from a straight A's student last year:

1) What is sleep? No need~

2)solat+doa, good, do that~

3)Food! Very important!

4)Game! RPG is best to train one's logic mind! First person Shooting Game, S.T.U.P.I.D~

5)What is a phone? Never had those~

6)Notes are useless, (my writing is horrible so I can't read it)

7)Don't fall in love!!! If everything is ok, you'll do fine, but if not, (let say if you get friendzoned like pathetic me) to Hell with studies~ I recommend you to stay single and sad... Like me~ :')

8)if anybody read this far, now I will reveal you my secret... Take a book! Open it! Look at the page for a few second while blurring your eyes! Close it! Wait a few seconds! Open it back! Read as fast you can without saying the words out loud! Close the book! Congratulation! You just learned how to mentally photograph text (won't work immediately but in time and practice, you will be able to do it for real!) ask me for more details if you really want to do it.... I will teach you how personally~

9)Don't just read tips, do it you lazy ass!

Insya-Allah. Moga-moga buat ya. Amboi, cakap mcm aku akan buat. 


Choral Speaking


Hello! Up there is my friends and I at Parcel E. Jannah tak nak ambik gambar dengan kitaorang. We did our choral speaking there. Nope, we didn't get any money for the marvelous performance, but I did get to see a very handsome boy(SPM maybe). He was like so smart looking and I like guys whose body is a bit 'tough' looking. Yang macam teddy bear tu pon boleh je. ^^

Back to the choral speaking story.

When we performed, I thought that the people in the dewan would be laughing. I thought they were intelligent person. What? Can't they understand english? Or are they too "krik krik" to hear a joke. La, kan orang dalam tu semuanya dapat anugerah cemerlang.

After that, the person in charge closed the door. We were outside the dewan and then, the-person-in-charge closed the door with a thump. I was like.......
Eida said,"Takut kitaorang ni bising kot." Me shrugging: ok then.

That's closed. Then, we get to eat. I'm telling you, the caterer food is really really good. The meat and the chicken was so freakin' DELICIOUS. I could have seconds if I want, but as susual, aku tak habis makan. Hehe. And, considering the fact that I am a nice person(yes you read that right), I left the food for the 'intelligent kids and their parents in the dewan'.

We waited a little bit more. Laughing, talking and me sleeping. Yeah, I need my beauty sleep.
I was just chilling out and listened to the music when the teacher said that we can go back to school. *me jumping excitedly in my head*

Time nak tunggu bas, aku or Jihah saw the handsome boy. Kyaa! I was looking and making googly eyes at him. he noticed and we made eye contact. Woohoo! Now, i'm not saying I'm crazy about this guy. It's just that a guy like him is one in a million. I am not exaggerating, I am just telling the truth. Susah nak tengok lelaki muka handsome macam tu. Lama2, aku boleh jadi Nadh, gila lelaki. Hahaha. *shrugs* that's just me.

Get ready for another pic of us. I edited it. Still trying to edit pics cause i'm not the type of girl who likes to edit pics. If my face looks blotchy or pimple there and here, I don't go around editing and posting that pic in FB or twitter. Semua comment: lawanya!!!! comelnya!!!
Seriously, you are so not a beauty or a cutie. Nowhere near that. Gambar di bawah hanya diedit kat kepala and a frame. That is all.

yeah i'm a cute rabbit. left is Jihah, a bear. Right is Wahida or Eida, a cat.

P/sTuhan, tolong beri kesabaran kepada aku.