Day 1 in New Zealand

Hi :) It's been 4 months of procrastination of updating my holiday in New Zealand so here goes!

17 May 2016

We (my sis and I) took AirAsia and stopped in Queensland for a little bit. Then we were on board again and we headed to Auckland Airport. The first thing that we did is took pictures of the sign that says 'Auckland' as a proof that we were there. Then we were feeling hungry so we decided to buy us some Subway for dinner (don't worry it's halal) and buy Vodaphone for the Internet. The process was really quick, I was surprised!

Then I asked a woman that worked there (obv she's behind a desk) on what bus to take to get to our hotel. And so we waited outside in the chilling air for an hour because we had to wait for the right one to come along as we don't want to waste our money on bus fares. Oh hell no! The funny thing was, we didn't have coins to begin with but the ticket machine only accept coins so the driver was like "It's okay you guys can pay when we get to the hotel." So we did just that, with the help of the bus driver of course.

Once we went inside the hotel, I can't help but gaped at how small it was. Tiny. But it didn't really matter as we were only there for the night. Tapi nak solat tu, susah sikit la. But I don't have to worry about it as I am small muehehe ;)  After all that, I forced myself to clean up and sleep as we had to wake up at 4am to catch the 5am bus for tomorrow morning. But before we slept, we took turns talking to Mom and told her how our day went.

That ends the end of the first day. Let the pictures speak for itself.

The bus. 

Small, but cute (I guess) 

That's it. Thanks to those who read till the end. I know, it's not much for a first day but what do you expect? Don't worry, there's more to come!

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