Degree Life

hey there.

hmm, I've just entered degree life for almost two weeks now.
all in all, the classes were okay. I just don't like marb class too much because the lecturer is too upbeat and excited... and to the people that know me, I'm like one of those quiet people in the class and I only speak up when I need to. So, I tend to be in a low battery mode when I'm in that class. I just can't keep up with people's excitement! hahaha

The words I hate the most right now is: "Market yourself." lol

And with the objectives yang mdm tak approve kan lagi, so tak boleh nak start sikit2 about our assignment. 25 pages minimum kauuu. Because time foundy dulu, tak pernah buat 25 pages of assignment so this is something new. Just praying that tomorrow mdm will approve of our objectives so we can start working on our assignment hehe ;) Ya know, I don't want the same mistake to happen again for this sem. (very very low marks for assignment)

So yeah... haven't got much to talk about. Since my life isn't as exciting as other people hahaha jk

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