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19 May 2016

Started the day with a not so hot shower and packing all of our luggage to check out of our lodge at 10am. But before anything, we had a last photo session with the breathtaking view of Lake Tekapo.

We headed our way down the road by stopping to take pictures because we were heading to Lake Pukaki. It was so beautiful and majestic. Oh and this is where we take pictures on the road because there were hardly any cars there. Tapi time kakak aku tengah ambik gambar, kereta semua berderet dekat belakang. sampai kena horn la hahaha. It was embarassinglly funny at that time. How can I not notice the cars? Oh wait, maybe because I was so caught up on posing and looking my best for the camera lol. But it was worth it. Hoho

Then after a long ass drive, we went trekking at Mount Cook Aoraki. And by "trekking", I mean walking, panting and snapping pictures. There was a thin,small bridge waiting for us at the start and we saw 2 guys jogging up the mountain with their short shorts. I just gaped at them . Seriously? It was 2 degree celsius with snow and it was effing cold. It wasn't just me who stared, other people did too. I think they're insane.

After a 30 minutes of trekking, we headed back to our new hotel because we had to pray Zuhur and Asar as Maghrib is at 5.21pm. So we had to hurry and pray. (But mainly because we're tired). The hotel is like a home with a kitchen for everyone to share. So cozy. I love it there. Reminds me in the USA.

As we had a very tiring and long day, we crashed really early. I for some reason, couldn't sleep that much. It's like, I was tired but my eyes don't want to obey my mind. I forgot when I fell asleep, but eventually I did.

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