Just today

Annyeonghaseyo,Assalamualaikum and hi!

Today, my fam and I went to Alamanda!! I haven't been there since last week. You can say that Alam is my second house. =D                                                                

My sis and I bought ourselves a kind-of-like-hat but it's not. It's for winter or fall. We are gonna wear it at Korea! So EXCITED! :D I bought a Meg Cabot book. I was going to buy a Sophie Kinsella book but decided that it was kinda expensive... 

After that, we went to Tutti Fruity to eat ice cream!! I had chocolate and lychee flavoured top with marshmallows and oreo. Yummy! 
Ok, I think that's all for now. 

Bye, Annyeong and Assalamualaikum. 
P/s no ice cream pic.  

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