Annyeonghaseyo, Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Walaupon aina dah tulis pasal pengetua korea but izyan still nak tulis. =D
Well, Pengetua KOREA melawat sekolah kiteorg. I was very excited! Do you want to know something Aina? The Korean people who came isn't all the principal of korean school, there's nurses and etc,etc.. I found this out from Rasyidah. She said she got a SHinee poster from this Korean photographer. Tak silap izyan laa..
The KOREAN people were so friendly! They keep saying 'annyeonghaseyo,terima kasih and selamat pagi'. *believe it or not
There's this translator woman and she is so beautiful. I love it when she speaks korean really fast. Hihi
Kiteorg pergi cyber kiosk after they went to the first floor or something. Me and Amyra surfed Korean Language so that we can speak korean to them. "Annyeonghikasayo" is 'Goodbye (to the persin leaving)'. We said that when they are otw to board the bus. Haha One of them was shocked because we said that to them. That makes it even funnier!! ^๐^

Me and Amyra was so giggly yesterday. Had a good time,really. Time budak2 semua ada kat dewan, we heard someone running upstairs. We were like, "Omg! WHAT was that??! I heard Aminul's voice so we went to the other side of the stairs,only to find them sitting there. Kiteorg berdiri kat situ lama jugak laa... Lastly Amyra said "tak ape la. Kiteorg lalu kat kat tangga lain la." Syazwan and Najmi said, "jangan la. Lalu je la kat sini~" geli aku dengar! YUCKS!!! Sekarang ni aku dah tak kisah apa orang lain nak cakap pasal aku. Just wanna say, if you have anything that you aren't satisfied with me please,please,please say it in my face. Kalau ko kutuk belakang aku, that means you are PENGECUT! COWARD,YOU KNOW??!