My 'Silence'


I have no mood whatsoever right now. All because of people who forced me to do something that I clearly know when to do it. Last year, I have 'failed'. Not literally, no. Just not to the expectations of that people. I think to myself, 'Why me? Why do I have to go through this?' Then I realized that all of this happened because this is what Allah has given me one of His ujian. O' Allah, please give me more kesabaran

I wanted to write about something and something... But that would be like 'skeletons in your closet.' Look it up! I know this may be a bit tad and boring to you, but I don't want to over-expose what is meant to be a secret. [I can keep secrets, haha]

Aku pun tak suka di-pressure. Please, let me do what I need and want. I know how to manage my time. Think that I don't regret what happened to me last year? Think again, I do. I really do.  It's just I am not in the right mind to think. No, I'm not crazy and I haven't lost my mind, yet. Haha

Berubah dan diubah. Sounds the same but it's completely different.

Berubah is kita ubah dengan diri sendiri. Ke arah kebaikan or sebaliknya. You choose.
Diubah is orang lain paksa kita untuk ubah. This doesn't work out, people! Give everyone a chance to change on his or her own will. You can't force people to chang. CAN'T.

From no mood, to ujian Allah, secrets, pressure, and now change. Wow, so many topics in just one post. Yeah, that's just me. ^^

Live life. To do something is to let it out [my new catch phrase]. Everyone, no matter what the situation is think positive thoughts! :) You'll get used to people like this bullshit types. Harden your heart. Don't care what other people said, just do what makes you happy~!

That is what I tell myself everyday. It may seem weird but say it in front of the mirror, will ya?