Hang Out

So two days ago my friends and I went to Alamanda. My younger sis tag along.
I waited for the bus for an hour just to go to Qilah's house. Then I saw her and we're just talking while I gave her a keychain because I had a good holiday in Bukit Tinggi. Then we waited for the bus. Again.

Amani pissed off at us 'cause we were damn late. But Qilah told me not to worry because she once waited for Amani for 2 hours. Hey, fair and square huh. Pukul 11.45 pagi kot sampai Alamanda.
We watched "NOW YOU SEE ME." One word to describe it. AWESOME! The best movie ever. Some say its better than Iron Man3. I watched IM3, and I have to say it is true. We came in a half hour late because we were eating and talking so time flew by just like that. You never expect what is gonna happen in that movie. Pretty interesting, huh? It was a 2 hour movie. But there's no "happy" ending. Boo Hoo.
Kalau ada CD aku nak beli. ^o^
After the movie, Qilah and I were talking on what the ending was supposed to be. Yeah..we like to..make our own ending :) Then we lepak at the fountain. Ada MPH time tu, and kitaorang tengok and discuss pasal buku Signs of our body or something. Sounds like we're intelligent huh?
It feels like 30 minutes discussing that book. And I told them we should go bowling. The first game we played, I won. Yes aku terrel.My score was 95 because I got  a strike and a spare. Big clap to me. The second game we played Qilah won. I forgot her score. That is also the first time my sis played bowling. I have to say she was pretty good.
After that we bought coolblog. Time tu hujan and kilat. It scares the hell out of me. I bought oreo.
We just lepak at the fountain.
My sis were playing games in Qilah's phone. I was drinking my coolblog when I heard Amani and Qilah said,"uish.tak selamat rasanya kalau pegang tangan dengan lelaki kurus." or "aww. sweetnya lelaki tu tolakkan *something* utk pompuan tu."
I said to them,"Hey korang ni nampak sangat desperate."


zulhilmi tempoyak said...

rs mcm lama jugak x hang out.. huhuh

Mia Liana said...

dah lama kak mia tak pergi alamanda..