My Parents' Anniversary

Today is Im Yoona's birthday. Happy birthday Yoona Unnie~ Keep on being an adorable and beautiful woman. Hee.
So on the 20th May 2013 my parents celebrated their 22nd Anniversary. Us, being the cute and whiny girls,tag along and went to Pizza Hut. But the worker said the service went down. And we were like....

Then I had this brilliant idea. "Why dont we go to Kenny Rogers?" But my brilliant idea was ignore. (Jk) My big sis told us we should go to Nandos. And I was like,"Semua orang kenal muka kita semua ni." (Pergi nandos pada setiap masa lapang or lapaq)
We ordered the usual stuff that we ate and I, being the photographer in my family, took pictures. Mostly mom and dad together, my sistahs and of course me.
After my dad paid the bill, it's time for us to pray. After that, we went to Parkson to buy my younger sis a shirt, jeans and her shoes. To make it short, her whole set of wardrobe. We're going to Bukit Tinggi this Sunday. I've never been to Pahang before so I'm really excited. Weee!
Along the way, I took pics of me and my younger sis hugging teddybears. The teddybears there are so cuteeee! I could eat them. I had this brilliant idea where I forced my big sis to make silly faces. But she went on to do cute faces. -.-'
After a long time at the Parkson, we went straight home. I was complaining as my feet hurt. "Memang takleh shopping ngan hampa ni." After washing my face and changed to my uniform pyjama, I went to bed and sleep. In conclusion, it was a really great day, minus my sore feet.
See the following pictures at your own risk. (I could make an album with these pics!)

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