Saying Sorry


31/10/2013- me and Fai berbaik semula :D

We've been friends for 3 years but a sudden situation made us fight. After months and months of fighting, I actually wanted to apologize for all the wrong things that I've done. ('Cause nobody's perfect) But I have my pride and ego, so I didn't apologize just yet. I thought to myself, 'do you really want yourself to be in hell because of this?' I put my pride and ego aside and apologize to her.

I write this post because I wanna show to other people that sometimes you have to put your pride and ego aside and just...apologize. It's not so bad after all. The feeling of forgiving and being forgiven is such a beautiful feeling. Try to forgive someone today and you'll feel a whole lot better. :D 

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Faizatul Natrah said...

keh keh keh...! I'm so touched babeh.. lol!