Belum Habis.

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I'm letting it out here, in my blog. 

*WARNING: This post combines of English and Malay in every sentences. We learn Account in Malay so I don't know the term used for PP, KKK, Kad stok and others. Please bear with me.

I haven't finished my account yet. There's still Dokumen, Penyata Pendapatan, and Kunci Kira2 left. I'm frustrated at myself because I still can't finish this. This 15th December, my baby sister and I are going to our village in Kedah. So I have to finish this account before that. Talk about stress and frustration.

There are a lot of errors, for example:

  • Imbangan duga tak seimbang by RM20 000. (Yup, that's a lot.)
  • Had to change the price for jualan and belian, to make it seem more realistic. thanks to Fai for pointing that out. 
  • Had to redo all of it. 
  • Didnt know what to do for my kad stok.
  • The total price for jualan is less than the total price for belian. (if this is the case, we wont be able to get untung bersih in Penyata Pendapatan)
  • Still dont know the value for Stok Awal. (Rosma said it's 99 000 but Qilah, being the smartest kid she is don't know the value for Stok Awal.)  

Well, I don't want to procrastinate again. Might as well do my account now. Toodles~

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Nur Najihah said...

go go do account :)
bosan nak mampos duk kat umah