New Skin!

Assalamualaikum you all! :D hehe

I have changed my blog skin!! I am so sick of the old one. ^^
I have tried on many different skins. All of that doesn't work! Until I saw this 'SnowStorm' . I thought it would work and it does! Tak suka sangat polka dots ni, but nak buat camne kan? Semua skin yang aku suka aku dah try, tak boleh jugak so this is like my last option. Hehehe

Oh, I haven't buy a new pencil box, contact lens and kain pengawas (belum 'resize' kan lagii) . =,=

BTW, Aku kesunyian di dalam rumah ni. :'( haha

Ok, Assalamualaikum! ^0^

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