Sweet 16


 My cake, mom bought it. Tiramisu. Thanks mom!

As you all know (yg baru tahu pon), today, 25th April 2013, is a special day for me. It's my birthday! Hip hip hooray! ^^Y The first person that wished me is Abg Razak aka bakal ipar (ye la kot). At 12.21a.m., he wished me 'Happy 16th Birthday Najwa. Belajar elok2 and harumkan nama family.' I was like, hai dah tua aku rupanya. Hahaha. The second person is my mom. Love you too! I won't tell you the third/4th or 5th because it's getting kinda boring and unnecessary.

I was gloomy for half a day because of what my sis said this morning. But it is normal for siblings to 'hurt' each other's feelings, right? Then, Nadh wished or in my case, sing the birthday song in Korean. I was like, "Thanks Nadh!!!" See how happy I am after someone at school wishes me a happy birthday? Haha. When it was recess time, my close friends; Jihah, Eida and Jannah wished me. I ask them to eat in my class for a change. Hey, bukan selalu kan? :) We just talked normal stuff and Jhah said to this other Najihah, "Nanti kalau birthday aku, ko bagi la aku hadiah." Hahaha. They aka my close friends apologise to me for not giving presents. It's okay girls~  Thanks Jihah sebab bersusah payah tulis post pasal aku. Yeah, Sweet 16!

Qai called me this afternoon. She sang the birthday song and tell me that I can get what I want. She added 'Insya-Allah'. Anyway, I told her I want Rilakkuma teddy bear. Eventhough my mom bought it last year but I still want another one. Qai gave me a red teddy bear last year. I DEMAND another one. Hahaha. Beli la kalau ada. Kalau tade pon, aku soh beli benda lain. Hehe. Jahat lagi kejam.

Najihah Ellysha gave me a present. She was shy at first and don't know when she should give the present to me. She was laughing the whole time while wishing me a happy birthday. I received her present after recess, so I can eat her present right there and then. :D I'll post the pic at the end. Didn't get to taste it yet, but I will. I'm really touched. :') Chocolate is safe in the refrigerator.  

Aqilah, Najihah Ellysha and Amani sang me the birthday song. Amani menyanyi memang tak ikhlas langsung. Siap kau, Haha. Tabok plak datang. Aqilah said, "Sibuk la kau tabok! keluar kelas sekarang." They are shy to sing infront of the guys. Ada ke Najihah Ellysha kata nak suruh satu class nyanyi kat aku. Memang tak la.

Jai aka Jannaty gave me a  print out card. Color okay, jangan main2. Haha, gurau je taiko. Hee~ Thanks anyway. ^o^

Thanks to all the people who wished me either in media social or/and in person. Really really truly appreciate you guys! *Hugs and kisses* Without wasting any time, let's look at the pics. Enjoy! Hehe

Adik aku bagi. Rilakkuma bag. Love you!

My mom gave me this. For my iPod. "Kakngah kan suka kumpul barang rilakkuma"

Ha, this is the total present I got. Fox's and Cadburry Zip: Najihah Ellysha

Haha. Random. Blur

Pose with Rilakkuma case. So geeky and happy~ Mom, thanks!

Jai or Jannaty printed this out for me. See, there's a cake. Thanks yo.

As you all can see, this is my cute little sister's self-made card. Thanks budak comel!

The presents I got may not be much, cheap or whatever you rich-shit-people would say. (sorry) But, hey, didn't you hear about this expression? It's the thought that counts.

Again, an ENORMOUS thank you to you, you and you who wished me a 'Happy Birthday' to me. Love you guys. :D =D =] =} Happy Birthday to Me!  Kay, I'll stop here. *Too happy*

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