Choral Speaking


Hello! Up there is my friends and I at Parcel E. Jannah tak nak ambik gambar dengan kitaorang. We did our choral speaking there. Nope, we didn't get any money for the marvelous performance, but I did get to see a very handsome boy(SPM maybe). He was like so smart looking and I like guys whose body is a bit 'tough' looking. Yang macam teddy bear tu pon boleh je. ^^

Back to the choral speaking story.

When we performed, I thought that the people in the dewan would be laughing. I thought they were intelligent person. What? Can't they understand english? Or are they too "krik krik" to hear a joke. La, kan orang dalam tu semuanya dapat anugerah cemerlang.

After that, the person in charge closed the door. We were outside the dewan and then, the-person-in-charge closed the door with a thump. I was like.......
Eida said,"Takut kitaorang ni bising kot." Me shrugging: ok then.

That's closed. Then, we get to eat. I'm telling you, the caterer food is really really good. The meat and the chicken was so freakin' DELICIOUS. I could have seconds if I want, but as susual, aku tak habis makan. Hehe. And, considering the fact that I am a nice person(yes you read that right), I left the food for the 'intelligent kids and their parents in the dewan'.

We waited a little bit more. Laughing, talking and me sleeping. Yeah, I need my beauty sleep.
I was just chilling out and listened to the music when the teacher said that we can go back to school. *me jumping excitedly in my head*

Time nak tunggu bas, aku or Jihah saw the handsome boy. Kyaa! I was looking and making googly eyes at him. he noticed and we made eye contact. Woohoo! Now, i'm not saying I'm crazy about this guy. It's just that a guy like him is one in a million. I am not exaggerating, I am just telling the truth. Susah nak tengok lelaki muka handsome macam tu. Lama2, aku boleh jadi Nadh, gila lelaki. Hahaha. *shrugs* that's just me.

Get ready for another pic of us. I edited it. Still trying to edit pics cause i'm not the type of girl who likes to edit pics. If my face looks blotchy or pimple there and here, I don't go around editing and posting that pic in FB or twitter. Semua comment: lawanya!!!! comelnya!!!
Seriously, you are so not a beauty or a cutie. Nowhere near that. Gambar di bawah hanya diedit kat kepala and a frame. That is all.

yeah i'm a cute rabbit. left is Jihah, a bear. Right is Wahida or Eida, a cat.

P/sTuhan, tolong beri kesabaran kepada aku.


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