Tips On How To Get Straight As


This is what he said himself:

SPM tips from a straight A's student last year:

1) What is sleep? No need~

2)solat+doa, good, do that~

3)Food! Very important!

4)Game! RPG is best to train one's logic mind! First person Shooting Game, S.T.U.P.I.D~

5)What is a phone? Never had those~

6)Notes are useless, (my writing is horrible so I can't read it)

7)Don't fall in love!!! If everything is ok, you'll do fine, but if not, (let say if you get friendzoned like pathetic me) to Hell with studies~ I recommend you to stay single and sad... Like me~ :')

8)if anybody read this far, now I will reveal you my secret... Take a book! Open it! Look at the page for a few second while blurring your eyes! Close it! Wait a few seconds! Open it back! Read as fast you can without saying the words out loud! Close the book! Congratulation! You just learned how to mentally photograph text (won't work immediately but in time and practice, you will be able to do it for real!) ask me for more details if you really want to do it.... I will teach you how personally~

9)Don't just read tips, do it you lazy ass!

Insya-Allah. Moga-moga buat ya. Amboi, cakap mcm aku akan buat. 


Nur Najihah said...

blog ko nampak lagi kemas..bahagian sidebar boleh cantikkan lagi..aku suka tengok,putih je

Izyan said...

hoho, thanks.