Quitting Uitm

Assalamualaikum and hey there peeps!

I quit Uitm yesterday and now I'm back in my home sweet home. Why I quit, you ask? There are a few reasons.

Number 1, I hated my course. I took Computer Science or CS for short. Yup, I don't know anything about this course. I know you guys are going to say, "Tak ada benda dlm dunia ni yang senang. Semua susah." Yeah yeah.. I know that, everybody knows that. What I'm trying to say is that I don't have a single interest on this course or the future job they have to offer. Most of my classmates have a basic in CS, so they have a head start on it but I don't have a single clue about this. Of course there are some of them that don't have a basic in CS like me, but they don't give up right? Yes of course. But it's always better if I take Foundation in Finance rather than trying to build an interest in CS. In my previous post, I wrote something about going to a private Uni. Since before SPM I've always wanted to go to my dream Uni. That is...UNITEN. Yup, you read that right. 

Number 2, when a deputy from Uniten called me right after I got my results to go to Uitm, I wanted to say "YES". But me and my mom already discussed about this and she said that she was short on money. And since my dad don't want anything to do with a private Uni, I was forced to go to Uitm. My campus was in Jasin, Melacca. After 3 weeks or less in the campus, I made up my mind and told my mom to apply me for the July 2015 intake.

The funny thing was, I slept after Subuh prayer and suddenly I woke up at 9.30am and my heart was beating really fast I was afraid that I had a heart attack. I went into my house mate's room to search for line(my room has no line whatsoever) and my fingers just typed in Uniten's website. I clicked admission and was blown away to see that they have July 2015 intake. I was like, "Damn! I should text my mom this great news!" Great news for me~hahaha

Edited: I deleted reason number 3 because mom said it was not needed soo... Yeah. To those who have read my unedited post, let's just keep quiet shall we? 

I think that's all the reasons I quit Uitm and went to Uniten instead. I hope other students will be able to make their own decisions and not quit halfway through like I did. Memang penat and susah kalau quit Uitm. Nak kena pergi HEA mintak signatures orang atasan and kena bawak salinan Bank Islam with a cop. Dah la puasa semalam, memang penat naik turun tangga semua. Wahh! I'm sure happy that those things are settled.

Goodbye UiTM. Hello Uniten!


shazreennadrah said...

Hi. May i know how to quit uitm? Please? And what are the effects?

Izyan Najwa said...

u just need to go to hep or hal ehwal pelajar at your uitm and they'll tell u what to do. u need a proof in black and white a.k.a 'borang permohonan universiti lain' sbb diaorg takkan bagi pelajar quit sesuka hati. but i'll give u the big picture:

1. go to hep.
2. they will give u a form and asked u to fill it. u'll see it for yourself.

i dont think they will give you the money back because refunds are for people that quit in the first two weeks or in the first month, if i'm not mistaken.

Effects? Well, you're going to wait for a few months or so for your "dream university" and u can't go back to uitm for 6 months, maybe, i'm not sure either. and u're going to miss ur friends.

Well, good luck and all the best!