Day 5: Nami Island :)

Annyeonghaseyo and Assalamualaikum. =)
14 November:-

Woke up really late!! Keluar hostel at 11a.m. Went to Nami Island, Winter Sonata filming location! =D  As usual, we take the train. Then, we took a taxi. Murah! 2,600 won jee... Lepas naik taxi, we had to ride a ferry. Ha, baru sampai kat Nami Island. When I got out from the ferry, the view was breathtaking! So beautiful! :D Jangan cakap la, ambik gambar memang banyak! Hihi Berjam-jam duduk situ. ;) Umi bought a fridge magnet. Cantik! Lepas tu kiteorg masuk dalam 'Gallery'. There's pictures from Winter Sonata drama. Just a little bit outside, a man that raked leaves,shaped it to a heart. Memang wajib ambik gambar kat situ la. Haha Then we rode the ferry once again. After that,we took a taxi. Before going to Seoul we stopped at Itaewon to eat rice. Unfortunately,the restaurant was closed. >๐< We ate kebab instead. Very delicious~ Back to Seoul. Enter a shop and bought leggings for my big sis. Next we enter a shoe shop for her too but didn't buy anything. Haha ^๐^

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