Wedding =)

Hello there! Annyeong and Assalamualaikum =D

Tadi ada majlis perkahwinan Didi. The theme is blue and pink. Kinda like bubble gum, pretty! Pegi kat rumah pengantin perempuan secara convoy. Sampai-2 je, ada perempuan tabur nasi yang berwarna kuning. I don't know if it's a rice or not, but that's what I heard. Then, budak-2 main kompang. Lama jugak la... After that, we were told to be sitted at a 'VIP' place. :) I can't help but 'ooh-ing' and 'aahh-ing' because the theme makes me happy~ Bacaan doa, sesi ambil gambar and yada yada yada. When we were eating the emcee asked us questions. The winner will get a prize. My youngest sister, Umairah answer the first question and she got it right! She answered two times in a row. So she got two prizes. After all that stuff, we were told to take pictures with the bridemaid and bridegroom. :) Kiteorg pon ambik la gambar. ^๐^ Next is cake-cutting.(?) Yeah, I took a lot of pictures cuz for me that's the highlight of a wedding. When the emcee told the bridemaid-and-groom to feed each other, their faces was like really really shy. Especially Didi's. Haha They look so sweet together~! Pastu 'bonda' and 'ayahnda' peluk Didi. Habis ambik gambar, terus balik. Hehehe Oh yeah, the food was very tasty!! =))

P/s: time upload ada problem, tu yang gambar jadi camtu.

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