Day 3: Visit Palace at Seoul :)

안녕하세요 and Assalamualaikum. (tulisan Korea ni, izyan type at the keyboard,meaning no copy paste) hihi

Woke up really early, as in 5.30 a.m. *4,30 at Malaysia. Solat Subuh then tido balik. 6.30 a.m--> my parents came in our room. Ate breakfast, took a HOT shower and get ready to go to Palaces. Near Seoul, of course. Before that, we definitely took pics at the middle of Seoul. Dah habis melawat kat Palace, we went to Korean Museum. Before that, we took pictures infront of a tree. It's Autumn now so there are leaves around us. Umairah baling daun-2 tu time izyan ambik gambar, So pretty! :p Lepas tu baru pegi museum. Yada, yada, yada! We went to Itaewon to eat. YUM! Itaewon is a place or foreigners and Muslim people. There's a restaurant called Alsalam. We ate there. Lepas makan, balik hostel guna subway, duh! Arrived at Seoul. Bought bread and milks. Choco for me! :) Balik hostel, solat then sleep~ Zzzzzzzzzz

P/s:  너희들을 사랑한다! *translate this please. <3

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