Day 6: Seoul Tower :)

Annyeonghaseyo and Assalamualaikum. =)
15 November:-

We went to Seoul Tower by a cable car. After buying the tickets for the cable car, beratur sekejap. I thought it's for my family but I guess I was wrong because I saw many people in there. We came in late so we couldn't stand beside the window. Sempat ambik gambar lagi! haha Lepas turun dari cable car kena naik tangga yang begitu banyak. No wonder Korean people are skinny! =.= The view was breathtaking! :) I saw that the place is full of 'Love Chains'. Sumpah banyak! This is the place that Super Junior went. Well, some of the members. So I was really proud when I looked at the Love Chains. As usual, took pics. When we were about to go down the stairs the guy on duty asked us to go inside the building. I think it's because the sound of the wind is loud, making it dangerous for all of us. I was getting scared so I busied myself with an iPad at Missha Shop. After a while we could go out. We waited for the cable car to arrived. This time, we get to stand by the window! =D Enjoying the view. Hihi After that we took a train to Dongdaemun, a shopping place. Didn't buy anything. Lepas tu pegi Itaewon to eat! After eating we visit Seoul Mosque. Lepas tu balik.   

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