Day 1: Arrived At Incheon :)

Annyeonghaseyo and Assalamualaikum. :D
November 10:-
I am finally on the plane! We took AirAsia X, kind of big. The flight will take about 6 hrs & 20 minutes. :)) 2 stewardess gave us a brief demo about safety on the plane. I sat beside Umairah,who sat beside Kakak. Kakak was sitting next to the window. Not fair! They gave Umairah kid food which she didn't finish and my big sis and I ate the KitKat and the Oreo. Yum! :b Time plane nak naik, rasa EXCITED gila!! Haha Ok, then we were about to land and out of nowhere, a 'Happy Birthday' song played! XD Then,kiteorg turun dari plane and tunggu orang Korea sampai,sebab nak fetch us to the hotel. Kyaa~ >< Did I mention at 7eleven, I saw a really really HANDSOME plus CUTE GUY??! Ohh~~^๐^ *gatalsekejap ok,back to the story. When we took our hotel keys, one is on floor 11 & the other is on floor 12. We were like, can't we have the same floor? And the Korean guy said 'I am sorry. Cannot.' Then my big sis said to Abah, 'Andwaeyo'. Meaning, cannot. The Korean guy laughed really loud! XD After that we said,'Kamsahamnida' and he replied with 'Kamsahamnida and Annyeong'. ^^ Me and my big sis took the room on the 12 floor. The highest one. It was really big! 1bunkbed, 1queen and 1single. I took the single one and she took the queen. The tv was BIG! *proud to be an LG fan. We took pics of the room,the bathroom. After the 'tour', we ate Maggi!! Yummy yummy in my tummy! :) We update status at fb,like my sis's status. My sis took a shower, I didn't. *toolazy. After that, I was first in bed. Haha nice and cozy bed~ Ok, it's time for me to get ready for today. We are going to Seoul!! God,it's 9:40 a.m already! *time korea. Gotta go!

P/s: I miss u,my friend. :'(

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