Day 4: Jeonju :)

Annyeonghaseyo and Assalamualaikum.
13 November:-

Woke up. Went to Jeonju by KTX. It's very expensive! Jeonju is very far from Seoul. We rode the KTX for 2hours. Usually I sleep,especially if it's more than an hour but I didn't. It's because I was too excited to see what Jeonju is like. =) From Yeongsan Station, we have to buy a ticket to go to Iksan. Then changed the train to Jeonju. Agak memeningkan la nak tukar-2 train nii... At Jeonju there is a Hanok Village. Took pictures. Time ambik gambar kat depan pokok, there's this beautiful woman approached my mom from behind. "Hello." ,she said. *scary! Suddenly she looked at me and said, "Omo!You're so cute!"  I just smiled cuz tak pernah kena puji compliment dari orang lain. Haha A friend of her is a guide tour. First beli souvenir. Kalau izyan tak kasi souvenir, that means I don't have enough money. She took us to a paper factory. We realised that it was getting late so we decided to take a taxi. We arrived late at the train station. Oh, there's this halmoni(grandma) that praised me "Oh,yeppuda(beautiful)". She said to my mom that we are beautiful. #perasan sekejap ok? Haha Balik hostel, eat bread, then go to sleep. u.u 

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