Day 2: Arrived at Seoul :)

안녕하셔요 and Assalamualaikum.(yang tulisan Korea tu, izyan tulis kat keyboard dieorg). Pandai tak? hihi

I set my hp clock at 5.45 am but I guess I was too sleepy. My sis turned it off. I took a bath and get ready to go to Seoul. *soexcited We were at an information center and suddenly the person who sat behind the counter said, "Would you like to enter a contest?There will be a small prize." We each took a turn. When it was my turn, the person on the other line asked what's my name. I said "Izyan.I-Z-Y-A-N." "Nationality?" "Malaysian." She replied with thank you and we hung up. Ok, enough about that! 

We then bought tickets for Airport Express. Not many people were there. Like 10...or maybe 5? Anyway, took pictures. Amazed by how fast it was going!! It moved between the road. It means we are between the cars. After that, we finally arrived at SEOUL!! =) I saw many pics of Korean artists at the shops! hihi <3 OMG. There is WiFi on the street! Apa lagi, update status kat FB laa~ Then, we checked in at Backpackers Hostel. 

After arranging the bags, arguing with each other whether to take the top one or the bottom(bunk bed), we went to 63 Building to watch the 3D Movie that they've been talking about. My mom then realised that the movie is closed, so we enter 'Sea World' instead. Masuk-2 je ade ENORMOUS sea lion waiting for us. ;) Dah tengok-2 semua haiwan kat situ, balik laa. So tired! :( But it was worth it. Sampai kat hostel, pray, eat dinner and crashed to bed! I took the bottom one. =.= 

\50000-----> my fave money(duit yang nilainya paling tinggi) haha

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